The Science of Profit

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Dynamic Pricing Calculations

Automatically adjust your pricing based on a number of factors.

Industry Independent

At its core, AutoYield is designed and engineered to work with any industry.

Cloud Based, API Driven

Easily integrate AutoYield with your core applications via a 2-way API

 Integrated Analytics

Keep your finger on the pulse with information delivered automatically to you as regularly as you need it.

Always have the right price at the right time

In today’s fast paced and highly competitive  online consumer market, the right price, in the right place, at the right time can make or break any business.

Finally! A solution is now available as a plugin to any transactional platform that will adjust your prices in real-time based on several important factors including business supply, consumer demand, supply and time, demand and time, price elasticty, price inelasticty and time to expiry.  It can even reallocate unique virtual inventory across multiple distribution channels at the same time. We are proud to deliver the next generation in automated yield management. The true “Science of Profit” AutoYield, a cloud based, time expiring, asset, inventory and revenue management system plugin that will deliver the right price, in the right place, at the right time based on real-time market conditions as they are occurring. LEARN MORE

Industry Independent Core Technology

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The AutoYield Story

Autoyield was originally conceived by Martin McConnachie in 2005 to conduct a research and  development project to overcome an existing knowledge gap in the application of “yield Management” practises and principles for the yet to emerge Cloud based e-commerce marketplaces.

Autoyield itself started as a component of a hotel distribution platform that allowed hoteliers to dynamically distribute their room inventory across all their distribution channels as well as adjust and vary their room rates automatically based on their property supply and consumer demand in real-time.

The core technology behind Autoyield is driven by sophisticated algorithms that were finessed and ratified by the Professor of Mathematics and his team at one of Australia’s leading Universities. Once proven to be effective and able to handle large volumes of concurrent transactions, products and customers, the technology was patented and the first version was released for the hotel market.

The development team went on to further extend the platform based on the patents to finally deliver a generic, Cloud based platform for any business environment. Autoyield can be embedded into any application that will benefit from reacting to supply and demand factors to achieve maximum revenue  with the greatest profit overall.

We are proud to deliver Autoyield to the market and look forward to working with the myriad businesses that can benefit greatly from the use of this ground breaking technology.

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