Accommodation Industry

AutoYield for Accommodation

The AutoYield Accommodation sector application extends the AutoYield Core to define Properties, Room Types, Rate Plans, Room Availability and Bookings.

As Bookings are received, or periodically if  bookings are slow, AutoYield considers a number of factors, including remaining availability for the stay dates, time remaining until the stay dates, information regarding events and seasonality, and what your competitors are doing, to determine whether the rates should be adjusted, and by how much.

All parties can benefit from integration

Property Management System (PMS) Vendors

You can now sell real-time Yield Management to your hotel customers

Central Reservation System (CRS) Vendors

Plug in to AutoYield and sell dynamic pricing to your customers

Hotel Chains and Groups

Now you can easily implement Yield Management using our SAAS with no hefty outlay

Channel Managers

Get the edge over the competition by offering real-time rate management to your hoteliers as a service

Online Travel Agents (OTA’s)

Have the right price at the right time all the time and gain market share

Information Flow

This product is covered by US and Australian Patents.

Integrate via our RESTful API

The API is used to define all of the entities and accepts notifications of reservations and other availability adjustments.

Price adjustment recommendations are pushed to a nominated endpoint on a timed basis, or can be requested at any time.

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