Australian Pricing Technology Leading the World

Australian Pricing Technology Leading the World

February 19, 2018 Media 0

World-first dynamic variable pricing technology, developed by an Australian company, is set to revolutionise profits for business and the way consumers pay for travel, transport and online shopping.

AutoYield has been launched to provide core technology for a range of industries wanting to maximise turnover, while offering customers real-time pricing, based on supply and demand.

CEO Martin McConnachie has pioneered the AutoYield platform, which is a cloud-based plugin and can be connected into the existing systems of hotel chains, travel agents, cruise ship lines, airlines, car rental companies, the heavy freight sector, the taxi industry and online retailers.

“From the business perspective, you’re getting a much greater spread of sale based on inventory holdings and you’re able to take advantage of peak times to marginally increase your rate and boost the bottom line,” Mr McConnachie said.

“The savvy consumer on the other hand will know when turnover is slow, and pounce on the bargains when the AutoYield system reduces the price.”

AutoYield’s capacity to embed within existing applications for point of sale, retail or distribution facilitates the automatic monitoring of sales, supply and demand and generates rate variation within parameters set by the user.

“It’s set and forget – maximising business turnover and offering customers the opportunity to time their purchases for best value,” Mr McConnachie said.

The development of the ground-breaking AutoYield technology began more 10 years ago, and since adoption by many tourism operators, has been refined to allow its integration by business platforms of all sizes.

“This is all about levelling the playing field for all price-sensitive businesses at a time when some might be intimidated by the emerging giants such as Amazon,” Mr McConnachie said.

“The smaller online companies can now compete with the big guys in real time. It’s game on. There can be an army of Davids to take on the Amazon-like Goliaths.”

“AutoYield has no upfront costs – it is a simple API which business can plug their own applications into and compete with much larger operators, as a cloud service usage fees scale and are charged monthly.”

“We’re confident AutoYield represents the true ‘science of profit’ – a cloud based, automatic, price yielding plugin – delivering the right price at the right time based on real-time market conditions.”