AutoYield to Revolutionise Australian Travel Industry

AutoYield to Revolutionise Australian Travel Industry

March 1, 2018 Media 0

Dynamic pricing technology – developed from Australian innovation – is leading the world in maximising turnover, and boosting the bottom line for travel companies.

AutoYield has been launched as a universal software application to guarantee the right price at the right time for a range of travel industry operators.

As a plugin to any transactional platform, AutoYield can adjust prices in real-time based on supply and demand, time to expiry if virtual and even reallocate unique inventory – if virtual – across multiple distributors.

AutoYield can plug into the existing systems of:

Property Management Software Vendors: (PMS) allowing your hotel customers to yield manage rates in real-time directly from your software

Central Reservation System Vendors: (CRS) now you can extend your services by adding dynamic pricing as a feature to sell to your hotel customers

Hotel Chains and Groups: easily implement real-time yield management as a SAS (software as a service) directly into your management system, without the hefty outlay in software investment.

Hotel Channel Managers: provide the edge over the competition by offering real-time rate management based on supply and demand to maximize sales and profits to your hotel customers as an option.

Online Travel Agents: (OTA’s) you can now provide the right price at the right time all the time while gaining market share.

AutoYield was conceived by Martin McConnachie twelve years ago, while investigating potential solutions for the yet to emerge Cloud market.

“We are proud to deliver AutoYield to the market and look forward to working with the myriad business opportunities that can benefit greatly from the use of this ground-breaking technology,” Mr McConnachie said.

AutoYield itself started as a component of a hotel distribution platform that allowed hoteliers to distribute inventory in real-time, dynamically, as well as yield rates based on supply and demand in real-time.

The core technology behind AutoYield is controlled by sophisticated algorithms, finessed and ratified to exacting standards by the Professor of Mathematics at one of Australia’s leading Universities.

Once proven to be effective and able to handle volumes of concurrent transactions, products and customers, the technology was patented and the first version was released for the hotel market.