Queensland Tech Pioneer’s Plan for Cheaper Tolls

Queensland Tech Pioneer’s Plan for Cheaper Tolls

February 24, 2018 Media 0

World-first technology developed by a Queensland company can pave the way for cheaper tolls on the state’s motorways.

AutoYield – already an industry leader in the tourism sector – has developed software that ensures motorists would pay less for travelling in tunnels and other toll ways.

AutoYield CEO Martin McConnachie has supported calls for the government to consider dynamic variable pricing, that rises and falls depending on real-time traffic volumes.

“AutoYield can be very easily applied for smoothing-out traffic flow and enabling people to take advantage of the lower toll rates at off-peak times,” Mr McConnachie said.

“The flight ticketing system provides a classic example of dynamic pricing, and just as airlines want bums on seats the toll road operators need to maximise the number of cars while easing congestion.”

Mr McConnachie welcomed a recent proposal for a toll to be considered as an effective way to fund construction for an alternative route to ease the pressure on the often choked M1.

He said Transurban was on the right track by suggesting dynamic pricing should be examined to incentivise commuters, and remove frustration that has made the M1 so notoriously congested.

“With the transport systems of south-east Queensland about to be thoroughly tested by the Commonwealth Games I can’t think of a better time to give dynamic variable pricing on a new toll road the most serious consideration,” Mr McConnachie said.

As an increasing number of workers take advantage of greater flexibility in their working hours – Mr McConnachie said travelling to the office in low-cost off-peak times is going to result in substantial savings for families.

“The knock-on effects in terms of savings will spread across entire communities, not to mention the immense improvements to restoring work/life balance for so many individuals,” he said.

“But the subsequent reduction of congestion will be welcomed by all motorists as many drivers opt for travelling in the cheaper times.

“For those living on the outer areas of Brisbane – quicker access to the city is also going to have a very positive impact on property values.”

Mr McConnachie pointed to the success of Transurban’s dynamic pricing on the 495 Express Lanes near Washington DC, where toll costs fluctuate according to actual traffic conditions.

“AutoYield was the first to develop this technology, and after years of refinements we continue to lead the world – and it all started right here in Australia’s most innovative state.”